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The following members support NPEA by their advertising. If you search on this page for an examiner who is not an advertiser, you will not find them here. For searches of the entire database go to the "MEMBERS" page.

To locate an advertising examiner for a particular state or province, click on a location from the lists below. To search for advertisers in a particular city, click "advanced search", which accommodates searching by city. When you have finished an advanced search and have returned to this page you need to click "clear search" to cancel your search terms, if you want to start over.

Click on any member's name that appears below as a result of your search and you will be taken to a profile of that member. If you are not an NPEA member, the member profile will not contain an email address, but instead there will be a "send message" button, provided that the member has furnished NPEA with contact information.

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